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  • The rails help to slide machine structure using two asynchronous motors, which transfer the motion to pinions fitting racks through reduction gears.
  • Two opposite carts perform vertical sliding on the support structure columns for the up/down movement of the cutting wire. The wire coaches maintain the motion of wire and components of stretching. They are further moved vertically by following the mechanism of screw/nut screw mechanisms managed by an asynchronous motor.
Detailed Description

OMEGA-6X ROBO is a Mono Wire Saw Granite Vertical CNC Wire Profiling Machine. The design of the machine facilitates the dressing of blocks by the help of the latest state of the art technology with excellent efficiency. The machine's main aim is to square blocks and to cut granite slabs that can even be thicker in size using diamond wire. OMEGA-6X ROBO arrives with the potential to cut flush with the quarry face, and it also has the ability to cut on any level and at any position.

This machine features a heavy-duty, arc-welded steel structure, which is heat-treated to guarantee the system's necessary maximum stiffness and cutting precision of the machine. Its remarkably user-friendly behavior makes it convenient to use as well as attractive with a control console and a touch-screen housed in the electrical cabinet and a mobile button panel to operate the central working axes.