• Beam 8.5 meter
  • Main Motor 75 Hp. 1440 RPM motor
  • Vertical Motion Motor (05 H.P.)
  • Carriage Traverse Motor A.C. Drive 01Hp
  • Computerized Control Panel Board (PLC)
  • Bridge Traverse Track 5.5 Meter
Detailed Description

A fully automatic G-10 multi blade block cutter broadly used for granite's vertical block cutting in different shapes as per requirements. The advanced block cutter is completely designed under experts' guidance using most high-grade approved raw materials and progressive technology that makes it comfortable and reliable. The offered block cutter can be customized in several specifications along with high production capacity.

Equipment of the latest PLC and HMI with a user-friendly operation program in the machine makes it easily approachable. The machine is suitable for 2.4 meters with accurate processing, easy and fast transformation within different functions, and specially designed to slice all color's essential granite blocks.

It is a Gantry Type Multi-Blade Cutting Machine that includes Lead screw Up-down system, Side Entry for cutting, that makes it suitable for outdoor.

Fabricated Heavy duty beam fitted with 7-meter linear bearing slides for bridge cutting by blade movement left/right (x-axis) having with worm reduction gearbox.

Heavy-Duty End Carriage is present for Vertical movement (y-axis) of the whole machine. Fitted with individual gearbox, forging wheel, and double side parallel rack for a smooth run as well as accurate positioning for the slab thickness. Lead Screw Up-Down system controls frictionless movement (z-axis) with a hollow hard chrome pipe.
Its advanced design with negligible maintenance guarantees the well-defined guide movement with a great life purpose. The machine is equipped with heavy cast iron pulley for direct and high power transmission. To protect the linear bearing slide and to increase the life of the oil, a below cover is present. Apart from that, the imported highly advanced moveable cables installed for long term purposes are meant to provide high energy efficiency.
Completely computerized and easily accessible PLC programmable touch screen panels.