• Energy Efficient
  • Satisfied Output with Higher Production Rate
  • Flexible
  • Negligible Maintenance
Detailed Description

PRO CUT D-2000 is a Mono Wire Saw Block Dressing Machine. The machine is today's best solution for cutting slabs and squaring blocks of the respected stone nature by using a diamond wire. The machine's durable structure has two columns firmly fixed to foundations, and one connecting transversal beam built-in large thickness normalized steelwork. The machine has 2 Aluminium alloy pulleys that allow driving the wire next to the point where it gets into and comes out from the block to be sawn. The machine follows a Hydraulic pulley tension system and the driving pulley that helps in rotating the wire. The heavy screw for Up Down and its Rapid Up/Down mechanism helps in providing the output with higher precision.

Shri Bhagwati Machine Pvt. Ltd. is the most prestigious brand in the field of manufacturing Stone Cutter Machines. The Mono Wire Saw PRO CUT D-2000 machine offered by Shri Bhagwati Machine admires advanced technology and the latest imported parts because of which the machines provide better and satisfactory results with high production.

PRO CUT D-2000 is designed under the guidance of experts due to which the machine's design is both attractive as well as durable. The machine uses two Big Aluminium Alloy pulleys with the help of which the machine can provide its service for a very long period.

The machine also arrives with certain optional Items:
  • Revolving Trolley
  • Customized Trolley Sizes
  • Motorized Trolley
The machine follows a Rapid Up/Down Mechanism that helps to continue the machine's motion comfortably while squaring the blocks.
The machine is equipped with a PLC Operating Panel that helps in creating a user-friendly interface between the user and the machine.