• The Epoxy Resin Super Line is fully automatic
  • The machine is also less time and power-consuming as it admires the most advanced Electrical & Automation and Mechanical techniques.
  • The presence of High-Speed Elevator helps in Better Production
  • The resin-treated slabs come out with the satisfying output after polishing since each single crack line, even the narrowest, is filled up with resin.
Detailed Description

Super Line is an explorer in the area of producing Epoxy Resin Line Drying Machine that arrives with the idea of an Automatic PLC Operating Panel inbuilt that provides ease for processing granite and marble with its automatic processing behaviour. The machine is equipped with a well-designed rigid structure, high-quality electronic equipment, etc. Super Line admires today's advanced technology for the nature of resin used, the material to be resin-treated, and the production potential to increase the quality of stone and stone strength enhancement.

The Super Line machine is proficient in using cutter size slabs. The machine's strong suit is that one can also load two slabs (for 3ft slab) on a single tray at once, plus the upper and bottom slab also doesn't slide over each other at the time of tilting of the tray by the hydraulic trolley. The Efficient Design of Oven provides quick-drying and more production.

Granite or Marble slabs with several cracks can be net-restrengthened on the individual face with the help of a useful fibreglass screen. A specifically designed station of the resin-treating line helps in operating. A piece of unique equipment helps in installing the screen automatically on the slab.

Depending on the requirements, slabs move along the automated resin-treating line while special, rigid steel supports hold them up. A suitable temperature is provided to the slab through the oven at the end for drying.

Super Line offered by Shri Bhagwati Machines is the best solution for improving the property & exterior finish of Granite and Marble Slabs. Epoxy Resin Line provides the most suitable drying techniques according to the type of resin used.

  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Motorized Palette Loading Trolley
  • Vacuum Robot (For Loading/Unloading)