• Bridge Cutting adopts a linear guide to move, ensuring high precision of cutting, good performance, and long life.
  • The machine has a Hydraulic tilting trolley to provide easiness in loading and installations.
  • Fully Automatic components
  • The machine comes with a PLC operating panel with a touch-sensitive screen that offers a user-friendly environment for different functions and intelligent control. It also includes manual programming for powerful functions.
  • Laser checking and calibration instruments are present to aid in lining up the cut.
Detailed Description

Beetle 3 Axis Bridge Cutting machine is a highly precise and fast machine suitable for outstanding productivity and complicated processing. The machine arrives with three spindles, among which one spindle is mounted over a rotating head that is additionally furnished with workpiece pressure cups to optimize the exterior area, which has to be cut.

Full Automatic Beetle 3 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine has the functioning of motion traverse in all three x, y, and z-axis. The top automatic positioning, chamfering, and bridge cutting are proper for processing different stone slabs in various sizes.

Our best services make us highly engaged in supplying the best quality range of services to our customers. 3 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine is the most effective and flexible solution for processing different types of stones. Our services are the most ideal for fab workshops specialized in medium-large scale production for construction and single slab optimization procedures for the furniture sector.

  • Multifunction
  • Cover small area
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easily operable
  • Perfect processing, the smooth and fast installation, and the transformation between separate functions make the Beetle 3 Axis Bridge Cutting machine a piece of strong evidence for stone processing enterprises.